Moonlight Mosaics

Unlike much of the work Johannah has been doing lately, including the two series we posted about last fall, this series doesn't have any deep philosophical or political meaning. No, if anything these pieces came about as an excuse to use the blue porcelain tile featured in all three, especially the darkest blue. Isn't that a gorgeous color? Especially paired with shades of white stained glass and black mortar.

While these mosaics aren't about anything too serious, they do celebrate a deep love of the moon and the night sky. "Night Waves," the first piece in the series, was inspired by the glow of a full moon over an open body of water. "Moon Glow" depicts that haze of glow around the moon, perhaps on clouds, perhaps on a clear night. The most recent piece, "Night Clouds," was inspired by the rushing movement of clouds on a windy night, and the way a star sparkles between them for a moment.

"Moon Glow" and "Night Clouds" have sold, but "Night Waves" is still available. Find it at the 10th Annual READ Art Show at The New Community School Friday March 23 and Saturday March 24. After 3/24, contact us for pricing, or watch for it to go up in our Etsy shop soon!

Fire Screens in Two Styles

It's funny how requests for a particular item often seem to come in groups. Last fall we had two requests for a total of three fireplace screens.

{Click smaller photos to enlarge.}

The first two fire screens are free-standing screens in a classic style. They feature a riveted design with hammer textured edging. They're easily moved with two handles at the top, and curved brackets on the feet add stability and a bit of style. 

The third firescreen is custom-fit to the fireplace in a modern design. There are no superfluous details in these clean lines. Instead of a latch, the doors have a high-heat magnetic closure of our own design. 

If you are interested in a project like this or any of the others you may have seen on our website or social media, please feel free to drop us a line!

Extra Large Dining Table

Last fall, we created a super-duper extra large dining table. This thing is seriously huge, and a great opportunity to show off some substantial forged table legs. We collaborated with our friend David Bohnhoff to create the top.

{Click any image to enlarge.}

Here Kyle and his assistant Kallen (in the first photo) are forging the legs using the power hammer and a jig with clamps on the table.

Forged steel table bases ready for their tops. The table is designed in two sections that can be arranged side by side or end to end. Check out the rivet detailing in the second photo!

Extra large dining table PH2017.jpg

And here's the mighty 12-seater table installed. The top is quarter-sawn oak with a gorgeous grain. It's in two sections that match the base. To keep the fit nice and snug when the bases are arranged side by side, Kyle forged a bracket or cleat to lay across each end, as well as shorter brackets to use when the tables are end to end. The brackets store in a space under the top of the table. You can see some of David's process photos as he created the top and carved the dados to fit the brackets on his Instagram account. (Click through to see them all!) The feet feature oak bases as well.