Custom Six Hook Mosaic Coat Racks

We've made quite a few six hook mosaic coat racks this year, each with its own special twist. We thought we'd share a few photos to show you the steps to creating a custom piece like this. 

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This first group of photos shows the process of creating the mosaic itself.

In the first three photos, you can see:

  • creating a color gradient based on photos submitted by the client.
  • an example of the reclaimed material we use for all our mosaic supports. This particular board's former life was a template for a railing.
  • a blue mosaic celebrating the couple's anniversary with mementos from their relationship.

Next three photos show:

  • a mosaic with found objects.
  • Johannah's mid-process studio mess.
  • a mosaic featuring coins left over from the customer's travels.

This group shows what happens once the mosaic is complete. First the mosaic is glued into the reclaimed wood frame made by Kyle. Next the mosaic is grouted, a process that often requires plenty of blue tape to protect the frame and some found objects and mementos. Last the hooks are installed. We love seeing the texture and shine of mosaics in raking light. The way mosaics change in the light is a big part of their magic.

And the completed coat racks! Whether you are celebrating a special memory or looking for a unique way to hang your jackets in style all while complementing the room, our mosaic coat racks are the perfect thing. We offer them in three sizes: two hooks, four hooks, and six hooks. We love working with our clients to create a one-of-a-kind piece of functional artwork just for them.

A few spring projects

C'mon in to the studios and see a few of the smaller projects we've been working on this spring....

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We created a set of custom decorative window grills for an artist friend.

This forged steel and mosaic trophy is inspired by the logos of the two companies who presented the trophy.


Here's Kyle forging a set of gargoyle horn door handles for another Stone Brewery location.

Introducing Mosaic Coat Pegs

We've been wanting to create a mosaic coat rack with the color and texture of our original, but in a more contemporary design for awhile now. During the traditional slow period this winter, we finally had the time to create our first batch! Check out the process behind this brand new item below.

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First Kyle choose three different types of wood to work with so we could decide which we prefer: walnut, curly maple, and cherry (L to R). It turns out we like all of them! Next Johannah explored different mosaic materials to combine with the wood. She decided to use all found natural materials or handmade ceramic.

For this coat rack, we thought hand-forged pegs would give the piece a sleeker overall feel than the hooks we use on our other mosaic coat racks. Kyle created two styles of pegs, one from round bar and one from square bar.

The final combinations are walnut with handmade ceramic, curly maple with reclaimed terracotta, and cherry with handmade ceramic. Like our original mosaic coat racks, these are light-duty coat racks designed to hold four jackets or light bags. We're so pleased with this new design, and hope you like it too!