Local Love: Clawhammer Co.

Next up in our Local Love series about some of our favorite local companies: Clawhammer Co. Kyle worked with the guys at Clawhammer to create some hefty forged table legs for a great dining table design they're producing. Sawmill Solutions cut the white oak slabs used to create the natural edge top.


Clawhammer Co. is the brainchild of our friends at Van Jester Woodworks. They've created an online catalog of artisan-made goods, with a mission of re-connecting consumers to the modern maker. The shop features local handmade goods such as wallets, knives, and furniture, as well as our bottle openers and railroad spike coat racks. Take a peek at their shop, where they've got lots of great holiday gift ideas! They're also currently running a very successful Kickstarter campaign to help launch the Beam Box, a unique, handmade Bluetooth speaker housed in reclaimed barnwood. Congrats, guys!