Old Tavern Wood Kiln Opening

Photo by John Bryant/ Old Tavern Kiln Collective

Photo by John Bryant/ Old Tavern Kiln Collective

In our first 18 months of craft shows, we've learned that our favorite events emphasize community, the making process, and the individual makers. Last weekend we took part in such an event hosted by the Old Tavern Kiln Collective.

The Collective is a group of six Richmond potters who use & run the kiln. They also teach wood kiln firing & rent out space in the kiln to visiting potters. Their kiln is located on Old Tavern Farm east of Richmond in Quinton, VA. According to articles in Style Weekly and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, they use several different types of wood in the kiln to get just the right combination of heat & flame properities. Wood is loaded every 5-15 minutes round the clock during the firing for over 80 hours! To see photos of loading the kiln and maintaining the fire, check out Old Tavern Kiln Collective's Facebook page

Old Tavern Farm is located east of Richmond in lovely Quinton, VA.

Lots of wood on hand to maintain a firing process that lasts over 80 hours.

To celebrate the most recent firing, Old Tavern hosted a Kiln Opening & Art Show. The wood kiln was opened and over 600 new pots & other new ceramic pieces were unloaded and offered for sale. We thought grouting a mosaic created an impressive before-and-after. A wood kiln reveal is even more dramatic!

The kiln opening event also featured other local artists, wood-fired pizza and other goodies, a farm animal petting zoo, and live music. Despite cool temperatures and gray skies, the crowd was enthusiastic and eager to meet the artisans on hand. We're already looking forward to future events with this fantastic group!

A few of the animals in the farm animal petting zoo the day of the opening.

One side of the kiln before they began unloading over 600 new pots and other pieces!

Photo by John Bryant/ Old Tavern Kiln Collective

It's an ongoing process, but we're finally feeling pretty satisfied with the look of the booth.