In the community: part 1

We've been taking our crafts out to the community this month. Kyle hosted the August meeting of the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild, a really great educational group of local blacksmithing enthusiasts. Johannah taught mosaic classes for the first time. We'll get to those in the next post!

All photos courtesy of Bruce Manson. Check out the complete album on CVBG's Facebook page. We chose a few favorites of Kyle and CVBG member Richard Garrett working on a decorative element that goes by different names depending on where you are from. Here in the States, it's called a "pineapple twist." Kyle, who trained with English blacksmiths, knows it as a "rosethorn twist."

CVBG hanging at Phoenix Handcraft

There are several steps to create the twist. The first is to chase a line on each side of the bar stock. "Chasing" is basically drawing a line in the metal with a chisel. The second step, shown here, is to twist the bar. 

After flattening the sides, the next step is to chase a second set of lines on the bar. This twist is huge at 1 1/2"!

This is a great close-up showing the line in the steel.

And here is the second and final twist, showing the scale flaking off. Scale is a layer of oxidized or burnt metal created by the intense heat of the forge on the outside of the steel.

The very last step is to clean the rest of the scale off with a wire brush. To see more pictures of the finished twist, be sure to check out CVBG's photo album.