Round up of recent custom coat racks

It's been a few months since we shared some of our custom coat racks, so we thought it was about time to post a few of our recent favorites!

The mosaics for the coat racks are often a single color, or we fade from one color to another. Lately, we've been really liking how gray works so well with a lot of colors. White is also good, and lends itself to a bright, saturated look. Gray is a little more understated and sophisticated.

This was our first mosaic coat rack in brown, and we love how it came out. The reclaimed brown bottle glass with the letters "ART" was an especially fun find to include.

This client requested double hooks to increase the number of items the coat rack can hold. We increased the size of the frame and mosaic to accomadate the extra weight.

This fun project was for a six-hook coat rack with a special request for a purple car. To adjust for the weight of more items on more hooks on our larger coat rack, we increase the profile of the frame as well as the overall dimensions. This makes for a mosaic that is quite a bit more substantial!