Poppies and more poppies

Over the summer we were commissioned to create a long, narrow mosaic incorporating memorbilia collected over the years by the client. As we discussed the piece, three words took central place for this composition: poppies, Klimt, and dreamy. The poppies themselves were created from a beautiful cinnabar-colored porcelain plate with gold-leaf decoration. The background was stained glass along with beads, bits of jewelry, travel mementos, glass marbles, and polished stones.

Once completed, the mosaic was fit in a reclaimed wood frame with a steel edge and grouted. This piece was such a fun change of pace from our usual work, and it was especially gratifying to know we were creating a new work of art incorporating so many special mementos.

Later in the fall, we received another commission for a coat rack with a mosaic inspired by the colors of the poppy piece. We decided an abstract field of poppies fit the bill. It's such a fascinating process to see one piece leading to another in ways we couldn't have predicted!