Rassawek Blacksmithing Demonstration

Last week we shared photos of all the wonderful sights at Rassawek Vineyard Spring Jubilee. As promised, this week we've got images of Kyle's blacksmithing demonstrations.

Kyle and his assistant Kallen doing a double jack to form a table leg. In this technique, Kyle hits the steel with his everyday 2 lb hammer to show Kallen where to hit with his heavy mover, an 8 lb sledge hammer. In the studio, this leg could be shaped on the power hammer in one heat. Using this ancient human-powered technique, it took four to five heats per leg.

Just a classic Rassawek moment.

Kyle made a brand of the Rassawek logo and used it to burn the logo into cedar shingles created on site. The shingles were cut using early industrial equipment, including a steam-powered tractor. You can see video of these machines in action on our Instagram page.

Blacksmiths at work.

Kyle's using the stump of his anvil to dish out a flower he forged, giving it some three-dimensional depth.

Most of the shows we did this spring were fairly small events, so it's been a while since we set up our full booth. It's fun to see what elements we've kept and what's changed since the last time.