Mini Bar

After the sculptural screen, another fun job we learned about late last winter resulted in a mini-bar with mosaic inlay. The color and design of the mosaics were designed to fit in a mid-century modern-inspired room.

Kyle built the cabinetry from red oak. We thought the piece looked pretty cool with the inlay shapes routed out, before the mosaic even went in!

Filling in the mosaic. The blue tape is protecting the stainless steel edging on the corners.

Grouting was pretty tricky for this piece. Lots of blue tape to protect the wood, and working on the vertical presents a different set of challenges!

Mosaics complete! There wasn't room to work in the mosaic studio, so Johannah worked on this piece in the metal studio.

The top and edges of the mini-bar are finished in stainless steel.

Finished mini bar off to be installed!