Custom Mosaic Mirrors

We've shared our custom mosaic coat racks with you a few times. We thought it was about time we shared a few of our custom mosaic mirrors!

This red mirror was a special anniversary gift for the client's parents. The quarter on the right is from the year they were married.

The client who ordered this mirror loved our original black and white mirror, but made a few changes. (Scroll down a bit on our mosaic portfolio page for the original.) We turned it so the mirror is horizontal, and went with all unglazed porcelain as the material. The original is a mix of glass, porcelain, and mirror. This mirror was a wedding gift.

Like the one above, this mirror was inspired by the original black and white. This time we worked in all stained glass. This one went in a bathroom.

This was a fun set! The client liked the colors and design of the small mirror on the left. Using that as inspiration, we created a coat rack (or towel rack in this case) and two large matching mirrors for their bathroom.

Custom mosaic memorabilia mirror

Our most recent custom mirror is such a special piece. This mosaic was created using pieces of broken glass and pottery that hold a special place in the client's heart. She decided this mirror was too nice for the intended bathroom, and hung it in her dining room instead!