Horseshoe Coatrack

Earlier this summer, we discovered a message on our voicemail one morning wondering if we shipped to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Well of course we do! This couple was looking for a very special custom coat rack. They had a specific size they wanted to fit, and they had a special request to include a horseshoe in the piece. 

Like most blacksmiths, many people have mistaken Kyle for a ferrier over the years. But he never expected to actually forge a horseshoe!

Johannah incorporated the horseshoe into the mosaic portion of the piece. The top two photos here show her laying out the design and colors, and test fitting the mosaic in the completed frame created by Kyle. The bottom left photo shows the piece masked off and ready for grouting. And at the bottom right is a detail shot of the color gradient after grouting. 

The hooks on the left are from our usual coat racks. Those on the right are extra large hooks Kyle created especially for this piece. And below is the completed piece ready to head home to Canada!