Mosaic river panels

It's not every day a commission comes along in your favorite colors AND your favorite theme. But that's exactly what happened here! This client was looking to add something special to the entry of their riverside home. We created two mosaic panels inspired by the James River in shades of cool greys and blues.

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We used this sampling of colors found throughout the house to create the palette for the mosaic panels.

Abstraction of natural imagery is one of Johannah's favorite inspirations. For the mosaic panels, she created waves of color to reflect the shimmering movement of the river. You can see some of the notes she used to create the shading of color in the photo above.

More progress shots, from complete color palette in the top left to grouting in the bottom right.

First panel installed! With the door slightly ajar, you can see how well the mosaic colors coordinate with the palette in the house. Success!

The second panel, and the gorgeous view of the river from the house. The wall of windows directly across from the entrance where the mosaics reside immerse you in the greenery of the lush woods along the river's edge. What an honor to be part of this beautiful retreat from the world.