Magic Carpet Ride custom mosaic

This spring Johannah worked with a client to design and create a custom mosaic for their home. The piece was created for a specific location in their kitchen, and we used colors and nature themes found through the house.

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A series of process shots from idea sketches to color palette, through the creation of the finished piece. We used Italian smalti, an opaque glass and traditional mosaic material, for the leaf silhouettes and various glass and porcelain tiles for the background.

Magic Carpet mosaic PH2018.JPG

The finished piece in our studio...

... and some detail shots plus the piece installed in their kitchen. The title of the piece comes from the rippling background combined with the night sky feeling of the gold tile sprinkled amidst the blue.

Forged Mantle Mirror

With the broad range of work we create, it follows that we work with a broad range of clients. From homeowners to architects, contractors to community boards, we've done it all. This particular project was brought to us by an interior designer looking for a large custom mirror to go over the client's mantle.

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Forged mantle mirror PH2018.JPG

Here's the finished mirror hanging in the front hall of our studios.

A few detail shots.

And a rough summary of the process. Notice the steps in creating the individually handforged leaves, from paper template to steel blank form to shaping the hot form on both the anvil and a wooden block.

Our latest custom coat racks

Time for another round-up of our most recent custom coat racks! You can see more examples in our past blog posts and in our portfolio.

The fun part about the coat racks included here is that each was inspired by the details, colors, or style of an existing coat rack. That makes each piece a truly satisfying collaboration between our style and the client's preferences.

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Here's a series of work-in-progress shots.

The finished mosaics installed in their wooden frames with handforged hooks attached.

And a few detail shots of the finished pieces!

If you've got coats and bags in need of organizing, or want to add some color and texture to a functional item. we'd love to help you! Check out our custom listings for a four- or six-hook coat rack, find us on Etsy, or reach out to us by email.