Forged Table & Bench Bases

Here is another custom forged table base Kyle and his assistant Kallen created last fall. This one is an entirely different style and includes a matching bench base.

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This is just a few of the steps required to forge these bases out of 1 1/2” solid steel stock. Photo credit for the first photo of Kyle (L) and Kallen (R) working together goes to our studio mate, Peter Headley of Headley Construction. Thanks Peter!

Forged table and bench bases PH2017.jpg
Forged table leg detail PH2017.jpg

Once we finished up the bases, the client created custom live edge tops for both the table and the bench.

If you're in need of a custom table, feel free to reach out to us with your needs! Whether you need just the base, or a full table with a top, we're happy to help bring your vision to life.

Extra Large Dining Table

Last fall, we created a super-duper extra large dining table. This thing is seriously huge, and a great opportunity to show off some substantial forged table legs. We collaborated with our friend David Bohnhoff to create the top.

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Here Kyle and his assistant Kallen (in the first photo) are forging the legs using the power hammer and a jig with clamps on the table.

Forged steel table bases ready for their tops. The table is designed in two sections that can be arranged side by side or end to end. Check out the rivet detailing in the second photo!

Extra large dining table PH2017.jpg

And here's the mighty 12-seater table installed. The top is quarter-sawn oak with a gorgeous grain. It's in two sections that match the base. To keep the fit nice and snug when the bases are arranged side by side, Kyle forged a bracket or cleat to lay across each end, as well as shorter brackets to use when the tables are end to end. The brackets store in a space under the top of the table. You can see some of David's process photos as he created the top and carved the dados to fit the brackets on his Instagram account. (Click through to see them all!) The feet feature oak bases as well.

Fixtures for Vasen Brewing Company

This summer we've been working on a series of fixtures for our friends and neighbors at Vasen Brewing Company. Their beautiful new taproom features the fine work of many local Richmond companies and makers. Stop by to take it all in and grab a pint of one of their specialty farmhouse ales!

We worked with lighting designer Wendy Umanoff to create this large, forged steel chandelier that hangs in the entrance of the taproom. Scroll though the photos to see a few our process shots.

Forged steel chandelier by Umanoff Design and Phoenix Handcraft. Photo by Umanoff Design

When it came time to create a sign for the brewery, our signature folded steel bowls and wall sculptures provided just the right inspiration.

Forged sign on reclaimed wood at the Vasen tasting room

Our next project for the taproom was a foot rail for the bar. We forged the foot rail from heavily textured solid steel round bar, along with coordinating brackets to hold it in place.

Forged steel footrail at the Vasen tasting room bar

Forged steel footrail at the Vasen tasting room bar

And last but certainly not least, we forged steel brackets to support the live-edge drink rails created by our friends at Surface Architectural. Bonus peek of the talented Emily Herr's mural in the background.

Forged bar brackets in the Vasen tasting room

Forged bar brackets in the Vasen tasting room