Holiday Cheer

Some of our most fun and interesting projects are inspired by our clients. This custom forged bronze tree topper Kyle made was a great way to end the year on just such a project!

Kyle created sheet metal for this project by forging down a block of bronze to 1/16" thick. He gave the bronze some hammer texture for added depth. Here he's laying out the frustum, or a cone without it's tip, that he'll use for the base of the tree topper.

After laying out the frustum, he created a paper template to confirm his calculations of the measurements of the base.

This is the material for the base cut out prior to forging it into the frustum shape.

Here's the completed forged bronze tree topper with Kyle's full-size design.

Many thanks to all our friends for a wonderful year, and happy holidays! See you in 2015!

Our Life in Craft Shows, 2014

It's almost here. We are just two days away from our last craft show of 2014. Our very first show ever was just 18 months ago, and we did three shows altogether in 2013. Earlier this year we proposed doubling that number. We thought that might be a little nuts, but we were having fun at the shows so far, and we were getting more comfortable with them. So it seemed worth a shot. Well, folks, we're happy to say we did double that number, and more. In fact, this weekend's show is our eleventh of 2014. Not too shabby!

We've learned so much in these 18 months. We've tried new shows and revisited shows from last year. We've tweaked our booth over and over, then tweaked it again. We've met so many new maker friends & colleagues, learning so much from their experience and sharing our experience with them.

This weekend we'll put that experience to use one last time in 2014 at the Carytown Farmer's Market Annual Artisan Market. Richmond friends, join us for a sunny, chilly day in the heart of Carytown for some locally grown and handmade holiday shopping!