Custom Fireplace Tools

It's getting to be that time of year! What time is that you ask? Bonfire time!! It happens a little earlier down south, a little later up north. And then it reverses in the fall. Add that to our list of "odd facts we notice through online sales."

This fall we added to our custom fireplace tool offerings, expanding from our original monogram bonfire poker. You can now find both indoor and outdoor pokers as well as tongs in our all-metal Etsy shop, Lucia Metal Studios. Just want one of the tools? No problem! You'll find each tool listed individually as well as in a set.

The outdoor poker is 40" long and the tongs are 36" long. This set is designed to be used comfortably with an outdoor fire, usually a little bigger and hotter than an indoor fire.

Both pieces of the indoor set are 27" long. Modern indoor fireplaces tend to be fairly small and shallow. A smaller tool set fits the bill in this case.

A few detail and sample shots of the fireplace tools. We make our fireplace tools from hammered square bar with a looped handle for your initial. The end of the poker is traditionally forged-welded and includes a log hook

Fireplace screen PH2017.jpg

We also currently have two forged fireplace screens available in this Etsy shop. They're in a free-standing style that will fit most fireplaces. They feature a riveted design with hammer textured edging. Handles at the top make them a breeze to move, while bracketed feet lend them stability.

Stop by the Handforged Fire Tools section of Lucia Metal Studios to see the entire collection all in one place!

Forged Table & Bench Bases

Here is another custom forged table base Kyle and his assistant Kallen created last fall. This one is an entirely different style and includes a matching bench base.

{Click smaller photos to enlarge.}

This is just a few of the steps required to forge these bases out of 1 1/2” solid steel stock. Photo credit for the first photo of Kyle (L) and Kallen (R) working together goes to our studio mate, Peter Headley of Headley Construction. Thanks Peter!

Forged table and bench bases PH2017.jpg
Forged table leg detail PH2017.jpg

Once we finished up the bases, the client created custom live edge tops for both the table and the bench.

If you're in need of a custom table, feel free to reach out to us with your needs! Whether you need just the base, or a full table with a top, we're happy to help bring your vision to life.

Moonlight Mosaics

Unlike much of the work Johannah has been doing lately, including the two series we posted about last fall, this series doesn't have any deep philosophical or political meaning. No, if anything these pieces came about as an excuse to use the blue porcelain tile featured in all three, especially the darkest blue. Isn't that a gorgeous color? Especially paired with shades of white stained glass and black mortar.

While these mosaics aren't about anything too serious, they do celebrate a deep love of the moon and the night sky. "Night Waves," the first piece in the series, was inspired by the glow of a full moon over an open body of water. "Moon Glow" depicts that haze of glow around the moon, perhaps on clouds, perhaps on a clear night. The most recent piece, "Night Clouds," was inspired by the rushing movement of clouds on a windy night, and the way a star sparkles between them for a moment.

"Moon Glow" and "Night Clouds" have sold, but "Night Waves" is still available. Find it at the 10th Annual READ Art Show at The New Community School Friday March 23 and Saturday March 24.