Coordinating Set of Home Accessories

Early last winter as we were in the flurry of preparing for Craft + Design, one of our favorite local craft shows, a newlywed couple asked if we could make a coordinating set of items for their new home. They’d seen these items in our Etsy shop and on our social media, and it had set their wheels spinning imagining an address plaque, hall bench, and coat rack for the entrance of their house. What a dream it was for us to combine all our skills to create this special grouping!

Here you can see each of the pieces in progress in our studios. The bench and coat rack hooks are forged steel, with the seat and coat rack frame made from cherry wood. The mosaics are made from a variety of glass and ceramic.

Like many of our most successful projects, this couple gave us a few particulars to work with, and left the rest of the design up to us. They told us their colors, shared photos of the entrance to their home, and mentioned some of our work to which they were especially drawn. That balance of specifics and openness allows us as artisans the structure and freedom we need to create new and fresh custom work in our signature style.

Below are photos and details of each of the finished pieces in our studios. Johannah loves to photograph all our work in the metal studio. The west-facing side of the shop space is covered entirely in large, industrial-era windows allowing for the most beautiful filtered natural lighting.

Large bathroom vanity mirror

Late last spring Johannah was commissioned to create a large 36”H x 50”W mosaic mirror frame for a bathroom vanity. The client provided photos of the vanity and artwork in the bathroom for color inspiration, and Johannah set to work!

{Click smaller photos to enlarge.}

Kyle created the custom wood frame for the mirror, then Johannah stained the edges black. Mosaic is a slow, meticulous media, so covering this large surface in tiny glass tesserae took several weeks. Once the mosaic was completed and the glue dry, the frame was grouted and the mirror installed. We constructed a sturdy giant box for shipping and off it went to its new home!

We have several mosaic mirror options in our Etsy shop. Some are ready to ship and some are custom mirrors made to order. We also have a couple in the studio showroom that haven’t made it onto Etsy yet. If you’re local and would like to check out any of these mirrors in person, reach out to make an appointment. We’d love to show you around!

Large mosaic bathroom vanity mirror PH2018.JPG

Endangered Native Virginia Flowers

Johannah’s latest mosaic series features endangered flowering plants native to our home state of Virginia as well as other parts of the eastern United States.

Like the Nature series from last year, the Endangered Flowers series was inspired by the beauty of the natural world around us. This time, I wanted to speak more openly to the destruction and chaos we humans have inflicted on the world. And I wanted to stick close to home, explore my own backyard so to speak.

Endangered VA flowers PH2018.jpg

As I researched native Virginia flowers, the same primary environmental threat kept popping up:  wetlands habitat loss. The four flowers I chose to represent are (L to R in photo) swamp pink, pitcher plant, American chaffseed, and Virginia sneezeweed. Each of these plants lives and grows in wetlands such as sandy coastal or boggy areas. There were many other plants to chose from, and most of them thrive in similar ecosystems.

As our built environment spreads ever outward and we continue to pave more of the earth’s surface, we both destroy natural wetlands and create ever-worsening flooding issues. Further, the retention ponds we create to replace wetlands are no true substitute for the plants and animals that live in those wetlands. We may have built ourselves a place to store the water we’ve displaced, but in the process we’ve destroyed an important part of the ecosystem. Even the current Environmental Protection Agency agrees that wetlands, like those other crucial but fragile systems, rainforests and coral reefs, are vital to life on earth due in great part to their tremendous biodiversity.

Like all our mosaics, the Endangered Flowers series is created with 100% reclaimed or environmentally sustainable and stable materials. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this series will be donated to the Flora of Virginia Project.  Take a look below at a few work in progress shots as well as photos of the flowers themselves that inspired this series!

You can find the Endangered Flowers mosaic series as well as some of our other work in metal and mosaic in our shop.