Custom Fireplace Tools

It's getting to be that time of year! What time is that you ask? Bonfire time!! It happens a little earlier down south, a little later up north. And then it reverses in the fall. Add that to our list of "odd facts we notice through online sales."

This fall we added to our custom fireplace tool offerings, expanding from our original monogram bonfire poker. You can now find both indoor and outdoor pokers as well as tongs in our all-metal Etsy shop, Lucia Metal Studios. Just want one of the tools? No problem! You'll find each tool listed individually as well as in a set.

The outdoor poker is 40" long and the tongs are 36" long. This set is designed to be used comfortably with an outdoor fire, usually a little bigger and hotter than an indoor fire.

Both pieces of the indoor set are 27" long. Modern indoor fireplaces tend to be fairly small and shallow. A smaller tool set fits the bill in this case.

A few detail and sample shots of the fireplace tools. We make our fireplace tools from hammered square bar with a looped handle for your initial. The end of the poker is traditionally forged-welded and includes a log hook

Fireplace screen PH2017.jpg

We also currently have two forged fireplace screens available in this Etsy shop. They're in a free-standing style that will fit most fireplaces. They feature a riveted design with hammer textured edging. Handles at the top make them a breeze to move, while bracketed feet lend them stability.

Stop by the Handforged Fire Tools section of Lucia Metal Studios to see the entire collection all in one place!

Fire Screens in Two Styles

It's funny how requests for a particular item often seem to come in groups. Last fall we had two requests for a total of three fireplace screens.

{Click smaller photos to enlarge.}

The first two fire screens are free-standing screens in a classic style. They feature a riveted design with hammer textured edging. They're easily moved with two handles at the top, and curved brackets on the feet add stability and a bit of style. 

The third firescreen is custom-fit to the fireplace in a modern design. There are no superfluous details in these clean lines. Instead of a latch, the doors have a high-heat magnetic closure of our own design. 

If you are interested in a project like this or any of the others you may have seen on our website or social media, please feel free to drop us a line!

Gifts and other items

We're always honored when asked to create custom gifts, whether for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any other reason. Here's a selection of gifts and related items we made last fall. 

{Click any image to enlarge.}

A set of custom shelves for showing off a gorgeous pyrex collection! Kyle created forged steel shelf brackets and reclaimed heart pine shelves to house these classic dishes. 

This is the fourth trophy we've created for the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce annual Impact Awards. You can see versions from previous years here and here. This project just gets more fun every year!

These last two projects prove the furniture designer & blacksmith's family DO have furniture and handforged items! Kyle made the loft bed for our daughter, who  helped design it. The photo on the left shows the bed in process, and the photo on the right is the finished bed waiting to surprise her!

The fire poker, below, was a gift for Johannah who's been known to complain that "we really need a poker for this fireplace!" There's no more complaining now that this beauty is hanging at our house.

You can see gift items in our shop available year round!