Color transition mosaic

The thrilling beginning of a custom mosaic commission: colors are named, themes and patterns are suggested, sketches are created.

For this mosaic, Johannah and the client settled on two images as a starting point for inspiration: a mermaid image (source unknown), and a book cover for Swedish Braille: Braille and its Terms and Conditions, designed by Helena Lunding Hultqvist. Each features a lovely transition of warm to cool colors, with an emphasis on the warm colors.

To create the composition, Johannah looked to candle and flame images that embodied that transition of warm to cool colors, and mountain landscape views of the Southern California area that would be eventually be home to the mosaic, such as the above photo by Cmrowell.

In the end, what makes a commissioned piece so satisfying is the collaborative nature. One person provides the initial inspiration of a color, image, or theme, while another person brings the idea to life through their own vision and technique. These are pieces that truly require community and connection to bring them into being.