A few custom coat racks

We first introduced our line of mosaic coat racks with hand-forged hooks and a reclaimed wood frame last fall, and they have turned out to be such a fun item!  We love that they bring together all three components of our work: metal, mosaics, and wood. They're a colorful, unique way to dress up a functional household item. And there's lots of room to make them personal, whether in color, theme, or material. Here are a few of our favorite custom coat racks so far:

One of our very first custom coat racks was for our smaller two-hook version.

This was our first coat rack with a frame in reclaimed walnut rather than pine. We loved this frame so much, we made more.

Arranging the palette for a blue and white mosaic based on the very first one we made in green and white.

This one incorporates personal objects collected by the client. It was a joy and an honor to put together such a meaningful piece.

Here's a completed (non-custom) coat rack with hooks installed. For more customization fun, we have two styles of hooks: the V on this coat rack, and a more traditional U style.