Local Love: Christina Boy Design

For our latest installment of our Local Love series, we're going back to last summer. The lovely Christina Boy approached Johannah about collaborating on a series of wall sculptures she was commissioned to create. The series was designed for a new breakfast room at Stoney Creek Hospitality in Independence, MO.

Christina and Kyle were classmates in the Craft & Materials Study program at VCU. She was also a two-year core fellow at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, and continues to be an active part of the Penland community. Christina creates gorgeous handmade wood furniture, often incorporating sophisticated geometric shapes and subtle color in her designs. She runs her one-woman studio out of the foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge with a flock of chickens as her nearest neighbors.

For the Stoney Creek series, Christina took her inspiration from the exisiting elements: the rustic wood, glitzy glass, and industrial metal of both the room and the company logo. The design of the red and black mosaics was inspired by the textile you can see in the middle photo at the very top of this post. The colors in the orange mosaic were chosen to coordinate with the beautiful cherry wood of the center panel in the logo sculpture. Check out the great piece on Christina's blog for more on the inspiration, creation, and installation process, as well as lots more great photos!