More custom coat racks

Time for another round-up of some of our recent favorite custom mosaic coat racks! If you'd like to see more examples, check out other blog posts here, here, and here.

{Click on any of the images to enlarge.}

This client approached us about using doorknobs in place of our usual hand-forged hooks. She provided the doorknobs, as well as fabric, paint, and wallpaper samples from the two rooms where her coat racks would hang. We made the frames a bit wider to accommodate the knobs. The wider profile really shows off the gorgeous reclaimed walnut!

Custom six hook mosaic coat rack in blue and green in the mosaic studio

A six-hook custom coat rack in blue and green in progress.

Sometimes clients just have a particular color in mind, but usually they have some other ideas as well. For the coat rack on the left, the client requested a plus symbol, handmade by Kyle, to be incorporated into the mosaic. For the piece on the right, that client wanted a re-creation of an earlier, smaller coat rack in a larger size.

The special request for this six-hook mosaic coat rack was to give the piece a masculine feel for a single man.

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