Interior Stair Leaf Railing

Over the winter, Kyle forged a custom interior stair rail with an organic leaf motif. Come on in the studio and see a little bit of the process behind this piece!

{Click any image to enlarge.}

The first step in creating this railing was to forge the leaves. In the photo on the left, Kyle is using a chisel and filleting block to shape the center vein of a leaf. The middle photo shows the entire process from bar stock to finished leaf. And the last photo shows the leaves after they've been given a bit of personality.

Next Kyle created the frame for the railing, forged the branches and set them in place, and finally added the leaves. 

And here it is installed! From this photo, you can see there is a slight turn to the steps, an important detail to keep in mind when measuring and laying out the design. For an interior rail, our favorite finish is a clear wax that shows off the natural beauty of forged steel.