Modern Staircase

Earlier this year we built a modern staircase and handrail, installed in a beautiful new modern home here in Richmond, Virginia.

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First up, creating the pieces and parts to make a staircase and handrail.

Next step is installation. First the stringers, then the steps, followed by the handrail, and finally the glass panels.

Detail photo of the clips we fabricated to hold the glass panels in place. Photo by Rendersphere.

Final installation looking fantastic with the home owners great taste in art and interior design. Photo by Rendersphere.

A few odds and ends

Time for a few of the smaller projects Kyle worked on over the winter!

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Sometimes the cobblers children do have shoes. Kyle made these custom-fit awnings for the front and rear entrances to our studio building. The frames and brackets are forged steel and an aluminum top is riveted to the frame.

Kyle fabricated this custom sign bracket for the Yoga Dojo, one our neighboring businesses in Scott's Addition.

These boss beauties are hand-forged refrigerator door pulls. How'd you like a fridge like that??

If you've got a small project and you've wondered if we could help you out, give us a ring at 804-888-9778!

Summer of Railings

Do two sets of railings make for a summer of railings? Does making them at the peak of the summer heat in a sweltering studio with just a few fans blowing on the blacksmiths make it count? Yeah, we thought so too.

{Click through the slideshows to see works-in-progress. Click on the single images to enlarge.}

We're really enjoying these minimal, open designs. This first small handrail was installed in a porch with slate steps.

This second railing design required a pair to complete the sweet little brick path from the street up to the house. Notice the detail at the end of the handrails. This was a particularly fun design!

If you're in need of custom railing (now or dreaming for the future), take a look through our Architectural Ironwork gallery and the railing posts on our blog. We love to create custom designs to fit a client's needs, and we can usually provide a few options to fit a variety of  budgets.