Jepson Hall Mosaic

Earlier this year we were commissioned to create a portrait of Jepson Hall, one of the buildings on the beautiful University of Richmond campus, as a retirement gift. 

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The biggest challenge with this piece was working the detail of the building into the relatively small space of the mosaic. In the end, Johannah decided to let the grout serve as the white stone elements. This meant working with three different grout colors altogether, which in turn meant lots of taping off between colors!

In this angled image, you can see that the building was created from flat, unglazed porcelain while the sky in the background and landscape in the foreground were created from shiny glass. Below, the finish piece in the reclaimed walnut frame made by Kyle.

GROWTH show opening reception

We’ve been working all week to install our work at Crossroads Art Center in Gallery One, and now it’s ready to show off! Join us tonight, Friday, March 18, from 6 to 9 pm to see all the great new work from this fantastic group at the opening reception.

In honor of the coming spring and natural themes and materials in much of the group's work, the title of the show is GROWTH. This show features the work of six artists:

Here’s a sneak peek of the few of the pieces you’ll see at the show. Hope you can join us! If you miss the opening reception, never fear. GROWTH will be up through May 8.

Stone Brewing Co. Furniture & Hardware

Last fall we were approached by the fine folk at Stone Brewing Co. - Richmond about creating some custom furniture for the tasting room at their new brewery here in town. Now that construction is just about complete, they've begun testing out the tasting room with a series of soft openings. Take a peek into the process behind the tables you'll find there and more! 

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Working on picnic and cafe tables.

Tables ready for delivery! Reclaimed wood tops created by  Van Jester Woodworks.

And now for our favorite part! The two top photos here show Kyle's assistant, Kallen, forging strap hinges for the tour door at the brewery. In the bottom photos, Kyle is forging gargoyle horn handles designed after Stone Brewery's logo for the door.

There it is! Our hand-forged hardware installed on the tour door made by Van Jester Woodwoorks.

Hope you get a chance to stop by Stone for a brew. And if you do, let us know what you think of the tables and tour door!