Large bathroom vanity mirror

Late last spring Johannah was commissioned to create a large 36”H x 50”W mosaic mirror frame for a bathroom vanity. The client provided photos of the vanity and artwork in the bathroom for color inspiration, and Johannah set to work!

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Kyle created the custom wood frame for the mirror, then Johannah stained the edges black. Mosaic is a slow, meticulous media, so covering this large surface in tiny glass tesserae took several weeks. Once the mosaic was completed and the glue dry, the frame was grouted and the mirror installed. We constructed a sturdy giant box for shipping and off it went to its new home!

We have several mosaic mirror options in our Etsy shop. Some are ready to ship and some are custom mirrors made to order. We also have a couple in the studio showroom that haven’t made it onto Etsy yet. If you’re local and would like to check out any of these mirrors in person, reach out to make an appointment. We’d love to show you around!

Large mosaic bathroom vanity mirror PH2018.JPG

Forged Mantle Mirror

With the broad range of work we create, it follows that we work with a broad range of clients. From homeowners to architects, contractors to community boards, we've done it all. This particular project was brought to us by an interior designer looking for a large custom mirror to go over the client's mantle.

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Forged mantle mirror PH2018.JPG

Here's the finished mirror hanging in the front hall of our studios.

A few detail shots.

And a rough summary of the process. Notice the steps in creating the individually handforged leaves, from paper template to steel blank form to shaping the hot form on both the anvil and a wooden block.