A few spring projects

C'mon in to the studios and see a few of the smaller projects we've been working on this spring....

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We created a set of custom decorative window grills for an artist friend.

This forged steel and mosaic trophy is inspired by the logos of the two companies who presented the trophy.


Here's Kyle forging a set of gargoyle horn door handles for another Stone Brewery location.

Gifts and other items

We're always honored when asked to create custom gifts, whether for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any other reason. Here's a selection of gifts and related items we made last fall. 

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A set of custom shelves for showing off a gorgeous pyrex collection! Kyle created forged steel shelf brackets and reclaimed heart pine shelves to house these classic dishes. 

This is the fourth trophy we've created for the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce annual Impact Awards. You can see versions from previous years here and here. This project just gets more fun every year!

These last two projects prove the furniture designer & blacksmith's family DO have furniture and handforged items! Kyle made the loft bed for our daughter, who  helped design it. The photo on the left shows the bed in process, and the photo on the right is the finished bed waiting to surprise her!

The fire poker, below, was a gift for Johannah who's been known to complain that "we really need a poker for this fireplace!" There's no more complaining now that this beauty is hanging at our house.

You can see gift items in our shop available year round!

Fall projects

This fall has flown by in a whirl! In addition to our work making and selling metal and mosaic goods, we've been working on bringing RVA Makers, a grassroots networking group we founded three years ago, to the next level. Over the summer we created a board and now we're raising funds to cover the costs of becoming an official non-profit. Whew! Take a peek at the campaign over on Indiegogo.

Meanwhile, here's what we've been up to in the metal, mosaic, and wood department!

This is the third annual trophy we've created for the ie* Innovation Award. We like to change it up a little each year and try something new.

Custom six-hook mosaic coat rack in blue and green. Unfortunately we didn't remember to get a photo of this one during daylight hours, so the colors are a little off in this picture.

Here's some of our work in the Umanoff Design booth at Project1, a super fun high end home decor shop. The mixture of furniture and art at this place is so fun to explore!

Candle cups and the small gradient mosaics are a few of our treasures we dropped off at Art 180 for their second annual Atlas Holiday Market, opening Friday December 4.